Construction and Road Closures and Parking Meters...Oh My!

Post Date : 27th May, 2019
Getting around downtown will be a challenge this summer to say the least.  In all its "wisdom", city management has decided to rescape Lemon Avenue. between Main and Pineapple as well as add parking meters.  This will include intermittent road closures.   Beginning June 1, the intersection of Lemon and Main will be closed to build another roundabout.  There wi...
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Flying Wish Paper

Post Date : 8th Apr, 2019
We first fell in love with Flying Wish Paper back in 2012 in Pixie Dust's very first few months!  Writing an intention on a piece of paper and then burning it has been a standard ritual for many.  But, letting that wish fly?  This was new!     Though we've been carrying and demonstrating Flying Wish Paper for all these years, I still get a feeling of childlike w...
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Jay Takes A Look At Mars

Post Date : 5th Apr, 2019
Coming soon...JIn this video, Jay will discuss the aspects of planet Mars and give you useful information about the way it affects your daily life.
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The Difference Between Tarot and Oracle Cards

Post Date : 31st Mar, 2019
We are often asked the difference between tarot and oracle cards.   Here's your answer!  
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