Construction and Road Closures and Parking Meters...Oh My! Back

Post Date : 27th May, 2019

Getting around downtown will be a challenge this summer to say the least.  In all its "wisdom", city management has decided to rescape Lemon Avenue. between Main and Pineapple as well as add parking meters.  This will include intermittent road closures.  

Beginning June 1, the intersection of Lemon and Main will be closed to build another roundabout.  There will be space to turn around on either side of Main but it will definitely create some difficulties to say the least.   Other closures will be on State and Pineapple Streets between now and October (or later).  

Our recommendations are:

  1. Approach from Fruitville and park in the Second Street Garage at Whole Foods.   You can park up to 4 hours on levels 2 & 3.
  2. Approach from Ringling and park in the State Street Garage.  Parking is free for the first two hours.   However, this garage tends to fill up due to the vast number of construction workers from the Mark who have been parking there.
  3. Shop on our website.   From June 1-September 30, local customers can use the coupon code "LOCAL10" to receive 10% off your order of $20 or more.   This will help a bit to alleviate the costs of shipping.   This coupon code is not valid outside Florida.
  4. Call us.  All phone orders of $50 or more will ship locally for free.   (941) 366-6325