Intro to Intuitive Tarot with Michael Newton-Brown Back

When: Three Thursdays July 11, July 18, July 25    6-8 pm

Must sign up for all three

Learn to read the Tarot Cards in just a few hours.

Reading the Tarot is :

A surefire conversation starter at parties. Stimulating to your intuition, and imagination. An answer your little everyday questions, as well larger decisions. Pointing the way when you are overwhelmed. Reading for family, and friends. Directly connected to weight loss, smooth skin, and great hair. Not really. Just plain fun.

Learn a new skill...

In this lively, and entertaining class, you will learn a quick way to begin to read. You will be reading the cards immediately. You will be confidently reading for yourself, as well as for your fellow classmates.

This immersive course turns the usual way of learning The Tarot Cards completely on its head. You begin looking at the cards intuitively, instead of spending hours memorizing lists of boring meanings.

Uncover what the symbols, and colors mean. Discover how simple Numerology affects the Tarot Cards. Master the differences between the Major and Minor Arcana. Understand the different personalities of the suits of cards. Sense how card meanings can change with other cards nearby. Grasp the many variations of a simple three-card reading.

This in depth course will take time to learn both the Major and Minor Arcana cards, including the traits of the four suits of Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles. We will study their relationship to each other as well as to the four elements, symbolism, and numerology. From simple three card readings, and we will build up to larger spreads. This fast paced class will be focused on using your intuition to read the cards, and to trust it. You will be practicing as we learn, and be giving readings to others, as well as receiving readings. There will be handouts to support what you learn. You will leave this immersive day with a firm knowledge of how to continue your study of the Tarot Cards.

Please bring an empty spiral notebook and pen to begin to create your Tarot journal. You will need The Rider Waite Tarot card deck, as we will be teaching using that system. There are several versions, and sizes (Approximately $20). You can purchase a deck at Pixie Dust. Just be sure that you are getting a version of The Rider Waite deck. You will be provided with handouts. $55 registration fee online, $65 at the door for the entire three evening course.

This three evening course is inclusive, and builds upon the information in the previous class. You must plan to attend all three evenings.

With Michael Newton-Brown